Professional Development: Close Reading

Are you looking for ways to improve your students’ comprehension, critical thinking, and reasoning skills all while meeting the Common Core State Standards?  If so, you will not want to miss this one-day learning experience surrounding Close Reading.  Through reading, viewing video, and dialogue, you will discover dozens of practical strategies and engaging techniques that are guaranteed to improve student achievement.  This learning adventure is interactive, goal-focused, and instruction-based.

Once again, I wanted to extend my gratitude to the teachers at CSPS for their attendance and engagement during our Close Reading learning experience.  I am amazed and awed by the incredible work being done in our district. I am blessed to follow and extend their work in this crazy thing called education.

Some of the additional resources we discussed can be found here:
Following the learning experience, I received such awesome feedback from an elementary special ed teacher, Brian White, “I have been sneaking close reading into the classroom little by little. Just yesterday, I watched a fourth grader use close reading strategies in math, to solve a complex word problem. Thanks again for the presentation on close reading and for reminding us all that ‘awesomeness’ is just around the corner…” How awesome is that!
Finally, I invite you to expand the conversation and share in the comment section some of the ways you  support your students’ understanding through Close Reading.

20 thoughts on “Professional Development: Close Reading

  1. Yes! I get to be the first of 10s of 1000s who will eventually comment on this blog! Rock on, Erica — I’m excited to be able to link to an online home for the thoughtful work you are doing. Thanks for being a colleague who inspires me both in what you do in the classroom and in how you humbly approach your work as a long-term human-flourishing promoter 🙂

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    • Thank you for your excitement surrounding close reading. Because the presentation is filled with student work and voices, we recently changed the privacy settings to private. The general ideas within the presentation are accessible on my blog as well as on my co-presenter Dave Stuart’s blog at We are available for outside consulting, regarding the specific content shown in the presentation. Please let us know how we can support you. Thanks again.

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  5. Hi Erica,
    Your the link to your prezi was sent to me last fall, and I found it amazing! I understand the need to take it down for various reasons, but I would love to have access to it to share with teachers in my building. Our district is not allowing attendance to any out of state conference, so we will not be able to get it at NCTE. Thanks so much for your help and consideration,

    • Hi Jo,

      I received your comment through the blog — first of all, thank you so much for your kind words. I am wondering if your district is willing to have me come in and lead a training on the close reading resource. In our state (Michigan), I know that state-provided grants aren’t allowed to be spent on conferences, but they are allowed to be used on professional development speakers.

      Please let me know if this is a possibility; I would love to write a proposal for your consideration or whomever it concerns. If I were to come, I would create a custom Prezi uniquely suited to your district and its needs.

      Thanks so much, Jo!


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  7. Hi Erica!
    I am a brand-new instructional coach tasked with training both elementary and secondary teachers close reading strategies. I’d love to view your prezi — and I’m afraid there’s little chance we could bring you all the way to California, unfortunately. I love your close reading lesson on the wordless picture book. Fantastic! Thanks for considering….
    — Gillian Wegener

  8. Hi Erika, I work with teachers in NZ developing reading strategies and have read of your great work. Your Close Reading prezi has such positive responses online I would love to share it with teachers ‘down under’. I agree with Gillian, your close reading lesson on the wordless picture book is so clear. I have used it with several classes already.
    Thank you in anticipation.. Pauline

  9. Thanks all of the interest in the Close Reading Prezi! I’m sorry to say I had to change the privacy rights on the presentation because, sadly, I learned that there were folks using my presentation as their own work in for-profit professional developments. I have been trying to fund a NCTE trip to share the PD, but–as you know all know–it’s one of those pay-for-the-privilege opportunities. Long story short: I’m really bummed about this situation. Dave Stuart, of, and I are working on ways to make this information available, either through PD workshops or some other method. Please check back as I update the blog with the progress. Thanks again for your support! It really is so motivating.

  10. Erica — I teach at a public high school in Seattle and we (like everyone else) are trying to find common language around the teaching of close reading. Any chance I could get a glimpse of your awesome prezi? I will use it only as you’d imagine a teacher in my position would. Thanks.

  11. I am a literacy coach in Southern Utah. I have read and heard about your Close Reading Prezi and would love to access to it to share just with my teachers. Let me know what I need to do to get this.

  12. Hi Erica,
    I am a Project Facilitator for Secondary ELA (grades 6-12) which supports curriculum and instruction. I also work with our continuation high schools and I would love to know if you have information or instructional strategies to support a “flipped classroom” type of “independent studies” setting where students meeting with their teacher for 10 minutes once a week! Also, our district initiatives include close reading, text-dependent questions, and evidence-based writing. I would love access to your prezi, please! Thank you for your help!!!

    • Hi Kara,
      Thanks for your interest in the blog. I don’t have much experience with a flipped classroom. I do this in a very sporadic style with my students, often when I’m creating substitute teacher plans. Sorry I can’t be more help in that regard. In terms of our district initiatives, you can access the close reading Prezi at this link: Thanks for your comment. Please let me know if I can help in any other way.
      Take care,

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