Outside of the classroom, Erica conducts literacy workshops and leads professionals at conferences and roundtable discussions.  Her work tends to focus on either project-based learning or developmental literacy for grades 4-12.

Workshops & Presentations

Can I Really Have a Reading Workshop  at the Secondary Level? — With so much debate over what students should and should not be reading (ex. whole-class novels vs. choice reading), this session disseminates the research and theory into everyday language, evaluating the gains and losses of a balanced approach to secondary reading instruction.  It also provides strategies for developing classroom libraries.

Close Reading: Setting Students’ Minds on Fire — An in-depth exploration at the linchpin of the Common Core reading anchor standards. Applicable to science, social studies, and ELA teachers; this workshop is conducted with colleague Dave Stuart

Demystifying Academic Conversation — This interactive demonstration breaks down the key moves of argumentation, providing students with frameworks and brushstrokes that allow them to practice the language of scholars and learn formal structures without totally losing their autonomy as writers.

What is Project-Based Learning? — An introduction to this alternative instructional approach, which invites students to explore real-world challenges, as opposed to the traditional multiple-choice test and textbook-based teaching format.

Feedback & Testimonials

“Fabulous, Erica.  This is a comprehensive look at what you’re doing and why.  I would love to see you present sometime… You are already doing amazing things in your classroom… You’re one of my heroes.” – Penny Kittle; author, professional development coordinator, and rockstar high school English teacher

doug“I enjoyed your Prezi on close reading and am honored that you found my work useful.” – Doug Fisher; author and professor of language and literacy education at San Diego State University

Urban_small“How you are making a difference… Loved [this]. Fwd to son’s teacher. Now we’re planning Book Frenzy in fall, based on this post. Keep posting great ideas. U make a difference. It’s a great idea, elegantly and enthusiastically explained. I think my son’s class is going to love it.” – Linda Urban; author of The Center of EverythingHound Dog True,  A Crooked Kind of Perfect, and Mouse was Mad.

“[Erica] uses fantastic analogies. I wish she had been my literature teacher in HS… [Her] students become so comfortable with close reading that they start to do it on their own – some close read [their] own notes” – Beth Shaum; NCTE social media coordinator and blogger

jc“[Erica and Dave] are amazing presenters! Engaging, inspiring, and caring. Loved this! – Jessica Crawford; high school English teacher, certified literacy specialist, and blogger

Phenomenal presentation!! Practical, useful, inspiring. LOVED it! – Melissa Mulder; literacy coach and reading coordinator for Kentwood Public Schools

In addition to these sessions, Erica would be happy to design a presentation or workshop that meets the unique needs of your school/district.  To inquire about booking, contact Erica at

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